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How Delta’s Flight Attendant App Makes It Easy to Identify Elites

How Delta’s Flight Attendant App Makes It Easy to Identify Elites

Apps have made travel easier for passengers in recent years with the ability to check in and board flights. But apps have also made things easier for flight attendants and airline employees as well. Recently, Delta and United have gone a step further to give flight attendants extra information about passengers, right at their fingertips.

As of now, nearly 20,000 Delta flight attendants carry Guest Service Tool-equipped Phones which offer information about passengers including elite level, flight connections, special meals, corporate client status and other details.

Delta encourages flight attendants to call out passengers on the recognition list, passengers that are flying with elite status, as well as corporate clients or flyers that have made mileage achievements, like million miler status.

Flight attendants on international and other long-haul flights will usually make announcements to thank the airlines’ best customers and offer special recognition. Some passengers with elite status get overlooked due to the current archaic method of spotting frequent fliers listed on the manifest and many appreciate it when the crew provides a custom note or thank you as a token of appreciation. The digital method should make offering recognition easier.

Different parts of the app give attendants the ability to see home airports, connecting flights and more. The information is still in a soft rollout but will be available to all attendants by 2018.

Connecting flight information lets attendants see seat details as well as which passenger have missed connections or tight schedules. Along with seat details come passengers with special needs, like wheelchair access as well as meal requests and other things of that nature.

Some fliers may wish to fly below the radar, so to speak, but that might also be an option for frequent fliers wishing to remain anonymous as the special features may include listing passenger preferences for future flights.

H/T Zach Honig

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