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Plastiq Running Into Problems Processing More and More Payments

Plastiq Running Into Problems Processing More and More Payments

Plastiq is an amazing service that allows you to pay for things with your credit card that you can’t normally charge—like bills, rent, tuition, taxes, etc. The service is especially popular with people looking to rack up frequent flyer miles on their credit card. After all, rent isn’t cheap. There’s a charge for the service, but many people are willing to pay a little extra for the additional convenience.

And sometimes Plastiq actually gives bonus points on certain cards or gives users the ability to achieve elite status with an airline. But now Plastiq has revealed that it is having trouble processing payments—with several major credit card companies. And the processing issues are not occurring for the first time.

Some of the issues that Plastiq has include:

  • Visa payments are processed as cash advances. Plastiq discovered the issue before charges went through, giving users the opportunity to transfer charges to another card
  • For mortgage and some rent charges, Plastiq users were limited to using Mastercard only but previously Visa and American Express were also options for the big charges
  • Plastiq recently announced that American Express cards are no longer usable with the service, even for automatically schedule payments. However, the company says they are working to resolve the issue and even offering account credits for the inconvenience.

It remains uncertain as to why Plastiq is having processing issues but the company seems to be trying to work to keep customers happy and maintain their service. It is possible that credit cards are unhappy with the availability of Plastiq but many consumers are hoping that the issues resolve as they enjoy the convenience of easily racking up airline miles and credit card points without having to physically go from store to store to spend money, making the charge to use Plastiq worth it.

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  1. robert4travels

    October 26, 2017 at 8:48 am

    It would be weird if credit card companies block Plastiq form doing transactions. The credit card companies are getting their full transaction fee, and Plastiq charges a fee for the service to their consumers that is in excess of that transaction fee. All of this is fuuly disclosed to the Plastiq customers. So what is the problem then?

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