Avis Rental Return Boston Logan


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Avis Rental Return Boston Logan

A colleague and I will be flying out of BOS very early Saturday morning. We have an Avis rental and I am wondering if there is a drop off at the airport for the car or do we need to attempt to find the location where we picked the car up an return it there? Its been a while since I've had to deal with rental cars so sorry if this is a stupid question - but we gotten lost so many times here in this city...and want to be prepared...

But I do love Boston! Great friendly people and very courteous drivers - its been such a relief from PHX. I don't know why people say driving in Boston is so bad because its 100X better than Phoenix - even my friends in Boston agree.

Thanks for any help.
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Arizona2, let me move this to our Avis Rental Car forum for best advice. Ocn Vw 1K, Moderator, TravelBuzz.

(In my rental experience, one can return to an airport location if one arranges this with the rental car company, either at reservation, at pickup or while on the road) . Otherwise, return to an airport location (if it wasn't the pick-up location), could cause the rental to be re-priced, resulting in a cost increase to you.)
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Exactly what Ocn Vw 1K said. If you return it to the non-agreed upon return location, your rental will most likely be re-priced. Most times, this will incur either a per mileage fee for every mile you had the car (usually $0.40/mi) and/or a drop-off charge (usually in the $50-75 range). If you call Avis before you take the car back, they might work with you. If the location is downtown, it might be a 'co-terminal' where they allow you to drop-off at BOS without a fee - Houston has several locations like that. However, if the off airport location is short on cars, they will charge you a fee because they'll just have to turn around and pay an employee to bring a/your car from the airport.
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I don't know about what kind of extra fees may be incurred, but there is definitely an Avis location at Boston's Logan airport. I fly in and out of there all the time, and we rent Avis per our company's policy. You'll usually be driving on the Mass. Turnpike extension into the airport and just follow the signs for rental car return. Once you drop off the car, there's a short shuttle bus ride to the terminal - several different terminal stops so pay attention to which airline gets dropped off where.
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Friendly drivers?

Perhaps, but I live here and I'm doubtful. Not that I'm one...

Have you called Avis? Your options are somewhat limited in that Logan is the only Avis 24 hr location hereabouts. The other stations at Government Center (apart from Logan closest to the airport but on the other end of the Sumner Tunnel near Quincy Market, North Station/Boston Garden, Downtown), the Back Bay (near Copley Place, Newbury St, etc.) and Harvard Square (in the Charles Hotel in Cambridge) are daytime only. The Back Bay location opens at 7 on Saturday mornings, the other two at 8 am.

Meaning you either pay the extra (assuming it costs more) to return the car at Logan at 4 am - and it can be done: I did so last week for a 5.45 am flight - or return the car tonight and pay for the T back to your hotel if it'll get you there (or a cab if it won't) and a cab back to Logan in the morning because nowhere does the T start running until about 5:45 am, meaning getting to Logan by 6:15 am soonest.

Not knowing when a "very early flight" is (9 am for me, I wish) nor where you're staying tonight it's impossible to give you an exact response for your situation, but it sounds like you pay either way. A cab to Logan from most anywhere downtown is going to be at least $20 at that hour, from Cambridge or the 'burbs more. Only Avis can say what they'd charge so it sounds like you've got to ask them.
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Friendly Drivers Yes!

Thanks for all the replies! I wish I'd have gotten to this sooner since Bostom's suggestion of returning the car tonight and taking a cab to Logan sounds like the least stressful option. But too late for that now so we'll just wing it and hope for the best - we are finding that MSN/Google directions in Boston are not always as clear as one would hope for.

Friendly drivers! Yes, people are always waving to "go ahead make a left turn in front" of them on busy roads, stop to let pedestrians cross, things like that. Just doesn't happen in PHX. I also find in BOS people drive at sane speeds. In PHX they need to remind people that the 101 is the name of the freeway, not the speed limit on the freeway!

Thanks again.
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