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Cpi-Web Forums Thread Wiki: Chase Retention Bonus Offers: June 2015-Present [Except Sapphire Reserve]
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Please post Sapphire Reserve retention experiences HERE.

This thread is a continuation of a discussion archived here:
Chase retention bonus or fee waiver reports [Archive]

Current retention offers (specify the date [mm/dd/yyyy], the card, the offer, how long you had the card and yearly spend)

When you call, you MUST ask if there are any offers on your account. Don't ask for an AF waiver, ask if they can credit your account the $95 (or whatever your AF is) to your account. They cannot remove the AF, but they can credit an amount to offset it. If you cancel your card within 30 days of receiving retention bonus, then Chase may claw back that bonus Note that Chase has shortened the period in which you can close the card and get the fee refunded. It is 30 days for most (or all?) cards.

If you don't get a retention bonus, the card you are holding may have the option of a downgrade. Cards that are downgraded may be upgraded at a later date. Consolidated discussion of that topic is here: http://cpi-web.ru/forum/chase...16-onward.html

Sapphire Reserve

Please post Sapphire Reserve retention offers HERE.

Sapphire Preferred

10/3/2017 - 7th anniversary, substantial annual spend - $60 statement credit
7/15/2015 - 2nd anniversary. ~$36k annual spend. Offer: Spend $4k in the next 3 months for 10k bonus UR points. Accepted.
7/20/2015 no offer given $10k spend, will keep card anyway
11/28/2015 Main card for spending on non-Amex businesses and restaurants $60 statement credit to keep open
12/1/2015- 10K UR after $4000 spend in 3 months
12/2/2015 3rd anniversary, no offers w/ $10K spend
12/3/2015 3rd anniversary, $20k spend, yes offer - 10,000 points to keep card.
12/18/2015 4th(?) anniversary, Main card for spending on personal travel expenses (except airfares) and restaurants, yes offer - 10,000 points to keep card. Took it.
12/21/2015 1st anniversary. Don't spend too much on it (~$5k / yr). Rep said no retention offers available. Will call back.
12/28/2015 No offers. 2nd anniversary. ~$20K spend.
1/5/2016 - 10K UR points after $4,000 in 3 months.
2/3/2016 - No offers. Downgraded to another Freedom card.
2/9/2016 - ~18K annually with substantial slowdown in last 3 months. $100 statement credit.
3/16/2016 - $100 statement credit. 3rd year, no prior offers. ~$26k spend.
5/20/2016 - probably $8k -$10k, no offer, just paid fee
6/14/2016 Called and asked for a retention offer. Paid annual fee in Feb (first time) and been calling every month. Was offered $60 (rep wasn't sure if it was a statement credit or UR points).
6/21/2016 took CSP - $60 refund
7/6/2016 - 2nd anniversary, $17k yearly spend (but substantial slowdown in recent months), offered $60 and took it.07/14/2016, CSP, 18 months, $19k, called and was given $60 statement credit.
7/14/2016, CSP, 18 months, $19k, called and was given $60 statement credit.
7/22/2016. No offers. Third year, never gotten one. $7k in past year.
8/2/2016 - $60 statement credit. $15k yearly spend.
11/23/2016 - no offer. I had card open for 11+ months with ~$5k in spend
11/30/2016 - no offer, open for 12 months with 13K spend, downgrade to Freedom
01/06/2017 - 3yr member, $20K annual spend on this card; offered $60 statement credit - accepted.
1/20/2017 - 2nd yr - $60 statement credit
2/03/2017 - no offer, open for 3 years with $90k spend, downgrade to FU.
3/23/17 - end of 1st year with $20k spend most in first 6 months, $60 offered, accepted.
5/8/2017- first anniversary. ~7k in spend. No offer. Going to HUCA
6/2/2017 - no offer. open for 3 years with ~$100k annual spend first two years but now shifted spending mainly to CSR. downgraded to FU.


(need up-to-date data points)

10/02/17 - $35 statement credit; 4 yrs with card; $14,000 spend (had been >$20K; lower now without Hyatt stays/nights). Took it.
07/30/17- No offers, minimal spend after receiving initial signup bonus, open a year or two, cancelled
04/10/17 - No offers. Decent spend. Open 7 years. Cancelled.
02/22/17 - No offers. Minimal spend. Open 1 year. Will keep for another year.
12/17/16 - No offers. Minimal spend. Open 7 years. Will cancel next year.
11/23/16 - No offers. Minimal annual spend. Keeping for free night.
8/9/16 - $75 statement credit. $35k annual spend, Open 4 years
7/17/16 -- no offers. No real spend on the card
7/6/16 - No offers. Minimal to modest spending ($100-$400/mo) since opening 1 year ago.
6/9/2016 - No offers, will probably keep.
11/6/15 - 5K points offered and taken...spend was down from $24K to 8K
09/14/15 - No offer, but did not cancel. Will try again in a week or two.
9/01/15 - 5K points offered (and taken). Open 3 yrs, >$20K spend annually.
8/12/15 - 2.5k points offered. Minimum spending on card this year. Open for 1 year.
8/3/2015 - No offer, but did not cancel; will try again in a few days.
07/2015 -- 5K points for renewal, no strings attached. I have plenty of spend on Chase cards, but no spend on the Hyatt card. Accepted the offer; not sure if I otherwise would have kept the card.
07/2015 - 2.5k points. Minimum spending ~ $300 a month on restaurants. Took the offer. Called thrice - same 2.5k offer.
04/2015 - 5k points, open for 3 years. Spent more than $20k from 04/2014 - 04/2015.
3/1/2015 - Offered 2,500 points. Card opened for 1 year and $5k spent in 2014.
2/2/2015 - 5k points. Card opened 2 years already. About $3k spending in the past year.

British Airways

6/8/2015 - same as others reported: 9k Avios after spending $1500 within three months. No ability to waive $95 fee nor apply statement credit.
12/19/2015 - no spend ytd, no offers, cancelled card
12/29/2015 - almost no spend after the bonus except for small charges here and there, was not transferred to retention specialist, no offers. closed card.
02/05/2016-5k spend ytd, no offers. Rep said they no longer give retention offers.
3/22/2016 - I had no spend since 2015. Called twice, no offers. Closed the card. DH had plenty of spend through January...no offers. Closed the card.
4/4/2016 - minimal spend on the last year. No offers. Agent closed the card without even that thany you for your business. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.
11/13/2016 - $21k in spend over last 11 months. No retention offer. Moved some credit to another card and closed.
1/10/17 - Minimal spend (was $30k for several years). No offer. Open 9 years. Will cancel after I use my last 241 cert.
1/20/17 - got card last year and maxed out the 100k bonus over the course of the year. Was not expecting anything going by posts here so just said I want to close as fee is due, Agent proactively offered $50 statement credit to keep open.
06/19/17 - Got card last year and maxed out 75k bonus over course of year. Spent approximately 20k during the year. No offer.

United Select

8/2015 - 2x UC Day passes. Have had the card since 2010, spend went from $20k annual to around $1K this year.
2/3/2016 - Only offered a downgrade to no annual fee United card (1 mile per $2). Spent $25k each of the past 2 years. Was given a $100 statement credit last year for retention.
3/2017 - no offers; $3000 annual spend.
4/2017 - no offers; $3000 annual spend at grocery stores at 2 miles / $.
6/2017 - no offers, but as a 1K I have been getting $60 in credit towards AF without asking; $3000 annual spend at grocery stores at 2 miles / $.

United Mileage Plus Awards

07/10/15 - no retention offer other than 2 UA Club passes or using 7500 miles to pay for $60 AF. Haven't spent much on this card but it's my longest held card so paid the AF.
06/27/2016 offered nothing. $10k annual spend.
07/05/2016 offered nothing. Have 90 days to cancel the card to get the fee back.
05/29/2017 - opened many years ago, offered nothing, $0 spend in past year. transferred CL and cancelled.
10/02/2017 - opened 3 years ago, $4k spend on it in this calendar year, annual fee was charged on Sept 1: offered $60 stmnt credit, accepted (will keep it for saver award space)

United Explorer

6/4/2015 - opened 6/2010, spending has gone down last year due to new UA Club Card. ~$6k for YE2014 vs $13k for YE2013. No offer made. Debating cancel.
6/9/2015 - opened 6/2012, no spending in ~18 months. Tried three times for
a statement credit, no luck. Cancelled.
6/17/2015 - opened 6/2012 as well, minimal spending, only received retention credit the second year. No offer this time, go ahead and cancelled and move partial CL to the SP card.
7/31/15 - opened 7/2012, ~$25k (for 10k bonus). No offer at all, cancelled card in less than 3 mins.
8/8/2015 - opened 11/2011, 25K spend for last two years. $60 credit offered - kept.
8/18/2015 -- minimal spending on biz card. No offer at all. I'm a 1K, so I will get a $60 statement credit in Q2 for having the card (making the annual fee essentially $35). Since I have Ink, only real benefit of card is being eligible for upgrade on free domestic award tickets. As I 1K, I do clear once or twice a year this way. Since it's a fun perk, and is probably worth $35, I'll keep the card anyway.
9/2/2015 - opened 8/2014, just $2k spend for the minimum; no offers except to downgrade to other low/no fee United Chase cards; Closed.
9/13/15 - opened in 2010. No spend in the last year. AF posted so I called to cancel. No retention offer.
9/29/15, opened in 08/2013, 2k spend. 08/2014 $95 statement credits for spending $95 or more, accepted. 09/2015, 5k spending, $60 statement credits without any purchases. keep the card since has miles in account.
10/10/15, have had the card for a year, but have had the now-defunct United Select for years, $25K + spend, $100 statement credit
10/15/15 - Spent $43k on the card year to date, no statement credit or other offer. Closed
10/22/15 - have had the card for a few years. $0 in spending this year. Was planning on cancelling and was not expecting any retention bonus. Offered $60 credit and took it
11/06/15 - no retention offer other than downgrading to the United Rewards card (same card #, no AF) and United Awards card ($6 0AF). Had the card for 1 year (hit the first AF this week - which should be retracted with the downgrade), had around $10k in spend for the year. Took the downgrade offer to the no AF card.
11/29/15 - Explorer Business card opened 9/2014. <$100 spend since meeting spend requirement. No retention offer. Closed.
12/2/15 - 2nd anniversary. Little to no spend, no offers. Didn't even try to keep me/explain benefits.
12/11/15 $25k spent, offered $100 credit
1/11/16 - <$10K annual spend, no retention offer. Canceled card easily in under 2 minutes with same phone rep.
2/2/16 - No transactions in last 90 days, called the day after AF posted. No transfer to a retention specialist. No retention offer. Closed account.
2/2/16 - UA Visa since 2/2013. $35k spent last year, $25k+ each previous year. No offer
3/11/16 - UA Visa since 2/2013. $35k spent last year, $25k+ each previous year. Accepted $60 offer.
3/24/16 UA Visa since 3/2015. <$5k spend last year. Request before annual fee hit; no retention offer. Called again after annual fee, no offer. Will close after latest purchases post to MP account
5/10/16 - Did not use it after meeting min. spend last year. Offered additional lounge passes as the only option. Could not waive annual fee or give me equivalent points. Canceled.
5/23/16 - UA Visa since 2012. $25k+ spend last year. Accepted $60 offer.
6/20/16 - MPE Business. $30k spend. Accepted $60 offer. No other offers.
6/22/16 - ~$25K spend, ~13K YTD. Accepted $60 offer
7/24/2016 offered nothing, open 1 year minimal spend.
8/19/16 - no offer but reminded of club passes, free checked bag etc, open 1 year, minimal spend
1/20/2017 - no retention offer but told by rep that $60 statement credit for 1K still applies
2/12/17 - MPE Business. $25k spend (to get 10k anniversary bonus miles.) Offered $100 SC straight up - accepted.
4/1/17 - no offer, no spend past year
5/22/17 - no offer, minimal spend past year
6/8/17 - $100 SC ($25k spend)
7/28/17 - no offer, only spent to get signup bonus last year, closed card

United Club

10/13/2015 offered $100 Statement Credit
01/16/2016 offered $60 Statement Credit, 38K annual spend.
05/15/2016 offered $100 statement credit, +50k annual spend
05/27/2016 offered NOTHING. ("I see no offers for you.") $80,000 annual spend.
06/16/2016 offered $60 Statement Credit, $80k+ annual spend
06/27/2016 offered nothing. $5k annual spend.
07/29/2016 took the only offer: $100 statement credit, low to mid $30k spend in prior 12m.
5/29/17 took only offer of $100 statement credit. Interestingly also my AF did not go up to $450 but remains $395
7/30/17 took only offer of $100 statement credit. $38k spend prior 12m
10/26/17 annual fee of $395 posted back in June and didn't have much leverage, but was offered $100 statement credit and accepted. $30-40k annual spend.
10/27/2016 $450 fee, offered $100 credit. Accepted the offer. $30k spend this year.

Presidential Plus

(need up-to-date data points)
06/10/2016 - No offer, spent 25k. Received 15k miles 2 years ago someone deleted that data. No offer last year either.
10/13/2016 - $100 statement credit.

This card is no longer being offered and has potential to transfer EQMs to MP so unlikely to offer retention bonus.

Southwest Airlines Plus

8/3/2015 - 6,000 points, no spend on card since initial spend. Accepted for 9,000 RR point bonus.
4/2/17: $70 statement credit. minimal spend
4/4/17: $30 statement credit
4/5/17: $70 statement credit. Very little spend after initial spend.
4/5/17: $35 statement credit. 1 year old, minimal spend after initial spend.
6/10/17: $70 statement credit. 1 year old, no spend after sign up bonus.
8/14/17: $70 statement credit. 1 year old, no spend after sign up bonus.

Southwest Airlines Plus Business

01/21/2017 - Open 4 years, small spend each month, annual fee already posted - no offers

Southwest Airlines Premier

8/19/2015 - Open 2 years. $25k spend in first 18 months, little in the past 6 months. Rep was ready to close account until I prompted for extra points. Offered 3,000 bonus. Accepted.
12/10/2015 - Open 2 years. Offered AF waiver. I declined and closed card (wanted to make sure I would qualify for the next 50k offer go around)
1/20/2016 - Open 1 year. Rep said that it's not possible to waive the annual fee and offered no bonus points. I kept the card open for now.
8/5/16 - no offers. Moved credit & canceled.
12/28/16 - Open 2 years, modest recent usage. No offers. Moved credit & canceled.
3/7/17 - No spend beyond welcome bonus spend of $3k last year. Card open for 13.5 months. Rep quickly offered me $100 statement credit to keep the account open which I accepted. Entire call was less than 4 minutes.
3/21/17 - No spend after original bonus spend last march. $100 statement credit offered.

Southwest Airlines Business Premier
1/20/2016 - Open 1 year. Rep didn't offer to waive annual fee or any bonus points. Just very casually said she would close the account. Didn't seem to concerned about losing a customer.
2/14/2017 - Open 1 year. Offered me a $50 statement credit with no spend requirement. Already received the 6,000 anniversary points. I accepted the $50 statement credit.
4/6/2017- Open 1 year. Offered me a $100 statement credit no spend. Had gotten 6K points. I declined.
8/14/2017 - $50 statement credit, open 1 year, only initial spend requirement


(need up-to-date data points)

Marriott Premier

6/4/2015 - Offered Cat. 1-4 Cert for spending $1k in 90 days. Accepted.
6/8/2015 - Also offered additional Cat. 1-4 Cert for spending $1k in 90 days. Accepted. I would have cancelled otherwise.
8/6/2015 - No offer. Closed
2/10/2016 -- No offer. Closed.
2/18/16 - Healthy spend. Multi-year relationship. No offer. Rep said free night cert at anniversary worth $200. Worth maybe $80 to me. Closed
9/21/16 - Have had card about 6 years, at least 10k spend, no offer last year but got 50 this year.
4/11/17 No offer. Family member's card open 1 year 6K spend. Transferred credit line and closed. Mentioned difficulty using Cert and holding SPG Amex which earns more on Marriott spending. Rep agreed it was silly,but could not do anything except close.

Marriott Signature

6/05/15 - One call, no offer. Only $3k spend last year. Moved CL to another card and will cancel.
8/18/15 - Open about a year, 10K spend annual. Offered 5000 points for 15 uses in 90 days. Took it.
10/16/15 - Had the card for many years, $0 spend, no offer, cancelled
02/08/15 - Had the card for 4 years, spend $8k in past year, no offer, cancelled.
8/22/16 - Open many years, over $20k spent past year, offered $90 credit.
8/22/17 - This year card was not used as much, offered $50 credit.

Marriott Rewards Premier Business
5/15/16: Had card 1 yr. Spent $39k in 2015 and $10k so far 2016. Offered $90 stmt credit (AF is $99). Took it.


07/2015 Offered T1 - T4 RC free night cert. for $5K spend in 90 days. The free night cert is valid for six months.
01/27/2016 Offered T1 - T4 RC free night cert. for $5K spend in 90 days. One year card-holder, $95K yearly spend.
02/18/2017 - Took T1-4 offer year 1. 2nd AF offer of $100 statement credit.
07/12/2017 Accepted $150 statement credit to offset $395 fee (grandfathered) to keep card
08/01/2017 No offer, maybe $5k in spend the past year

Priority Club - now IHG

9/2015: 1 year anniversary, 25K spend, 15K points for $5K in 90 days, accepted.

7/2015: 3 year anniversary, 17k spend. 5k points for $1k in 90 days. Accepted.

9/2015 %K spend within three months for 15K

10/2015 - Called twice - no offers, will keep the card anyways for the free anniversary night

01/2016 - Called twice - no offers, will keep the card anyways for the free anniversary night

9/2016 USD66K spend over past year, offered nothing from Chase Exec Line

called back, they gave me a $50 statement credit, and said they'd send a letter to their marketing dept, to request marketing offers, USD85K spend over two years.

Ink Bold
6/10/15 - Offered $95 credit immediately. Accepted.
6/15/15 - $95 statement credit. Accepted.
6/29/15 - 8k mostly 5x cat in last 12 months, 2nd anniversary - $95 statement credit - Accepted.
7/8/15 - first call, no offers, rep suggested using UR points for statement credit to offset the fee. Declined. HUCA and got a different rep, she looked for retention offers, $95 statement credit. Accepted
7/8/2015 Same as above but didn't HUCA. Will call again tomorrow. Called today (7/9) and got a different person and a $95 statement credit. Other wise I would have cancelled after last UR points would have posted.
7/8/2015 Transfered to a supervisor; he found $95 statement credit offer on account. Third-year-cardholder, about 15K in spend.
7/17/2015 - Took two calls to get the statement credit offer. Make sure you ask for retention offers (keywords, considering cancellation). It'll be a credit, since technically, they can't waive the fee.
7/22/2015 - $95 Statement Credit. 2nd call is what got it done. Asked about "retention offers."
8/4/2015 - $95 statement credit when asked for retention offers.
8/6/2015 - $95 statement credit offered immediately on the first call, no questions asked. ~$40k in bonus category spending.
9/3/2015- $95 statement credit. Only about $120/month spend.
9/8/2015 - $95 statement credit. ~$5k bonus category spending
11/16/2015 - called twice, no offer, no ability to convert to Ink Cash, closed card
1/4/2016 - no offers on my account per rep
3/11/2016 - no offers. 50k Spending. Will try again tomorrow.
04/29/2016 - No offers. Downgraded to Cash
5/13/2016 - No offers. Downgraded to Cash
06/04/2016 - $95 $95 statement credit, no additional requirements or bonuses
6/14/2016 - No offers. closed card.
6/19/16: Ink Bold, $95 statement credit, 2 year anniversary, ~20k annual spend. Have called in every two weeks since Ink Bold AF posted in early May on my second anniversary. CSRs kept saying no offers available,
6/21/2016 Ink Bold Plus - $95 refund
7/13/2016 Statement credit for $95 on Ink Bold today.
9/6/2016- No offers. CSR wanted to cancel until I asked about downgrading to Cash. Downgraded to cash.
7/7/2017- No offers. (Received $95 last July though.)
8/12/17 No offers. 10,000 annual spend. Kept card

Ink Plus
11/23/2015 - $95 statement credit
11/20/2015 - $95 statement credit
10/3/2015 - No offers. Going to keep HUCA.
6/3/2015 - $95 statement credit
6/8/2015 - $95 statement credit, no strings. Accepted. Asked about point offers and there were none. ($10k annual spend)
06/18/2015 - No offers. Downgraded to Cash.
6/27/2015 - 10K UR points after $5K spend in 3 months. Accepted.
7/7/2015 - 10K UR points after $5k spend in 3 months. Declined.
7/11/2015 - first phone call - only offer to downgrade card to ink cash, 2nd call - 10k UR for $5k spend in 3 months, annual fee can still be refunded up to 6 months later if card is cancelled
7/12/2015 - Bupkis. Offered downgrade to Cash.
7/15/2015 - $95 statement credit, no strings. Accepted. Asked about point offers and there were none. ($50k annual spend)
10/1/2015 - No offers at all. 1 year old, $9k spend. AF can be refunded for up to 180 days after it posts.
10/13/2015 Offered $95 Statement Credit
10/30/2015 - $95 statement credit. Took it.
11/12/2015 - No offer. ~20K spend.
11/14/2015 - No offers at all. 13 months old and ~$15k spend
11/16/2015 - $95 statement credit, accepted (minimal spend per month)
12/01/2015 - No offers with 2 calls. Minimum spend. Cancelled
12/03/2015 - First call $95 statement credit (asked for points but there were none). Took it. Annual spend ~$10k
12/21/2015 - First call $95 statement credit. Took it. Annual spend ~$10k
3/1/2016 - No offers
3/4/2016 - No offers. Called 3 times. CSR was eager to cancel - unable to reach retentions. 10k spend.
3/5/2016 - No offers. Called 2 times. First year with card, ~10k spend
3/7/2016 - No offers. Going to HUCA. Annual spend $20,000 - called again, nada
3/8/2016 - No offers. Supervisor said offers wouldn't/shouldn't be available.
3/?/2016 - $95 credit. Also got $95 credit on this card in November, and 10k points for $5k spend in July. Two years old, ~$11k spend in the past 12 months.
4/2/2016 - Called when AF hit; no offers. Called just before the 90-day refund deadline, got the AF credited.
4/3/2016 - No offers. Had card for 2 years, ~16k spend/year.
4/7/2016 - No offers. $10k+ spend last year
4/11/2016 - No offers. Two years old, $16k spend last year. I had gotten a 10k for $5k spend offer the first year.
4/13/2016 - $95 credit. No push back on it at all. $25k spend last year
4/15/2016 - No offers. Annual spend around 20K
6/2/2016 - Two calls, no offers. Annual spend around $6k
6/3/2016 - 5k UR points, took it. 2nd anniversary. ~$40k T12 spend.
6/9/2016 - No offers, about 5k spend. Rep suggested downgrading to Cash.
6/24/2016- No offers, calling ~3 mos after paying annual fee (no offers earlier). Was told had 6 mos total to get reimbursed.
7/1/2016 - No offers, called twice in 1-2 weeks, AF posted, not much spend, almost always get a $95 retention but only offered to downgrade to InkCash - both agents were nice
7/8/2016 - No offers. Explored various ideas with CSR. 3rd anniversary; about $25K annual spend. Like the card; heavy user; will try calling again. May have to eat the AF.
7/25/16 - No offers except to downgrade to Ink Cash. 2nd year of the card. Moderate spend, mostly bonus cats. Wife has one, too, so I transferred my UR points to her right away and then closed the card.
8/29/16 - No offer on my 3 year old Ink Plus card. Called 2 times and downgraded card to Ink Cash.
8/29/16 - $50 SC. Second year cardholder; account anniversary a couple months away. Called about another card and just thought I'd check on this one.
12/11/16 -- longtime cardholder. Heavy Staples user. No offer. Not even eligible to convert to Ink Cash. I guess I've got to pay the $95.
2/20/17 - No offers (surprise surprise!); 1st anniversary, most spend in the 5% categories. Only offered a downgrade to Ink Cash which I accepted. Guess they will try to let this card die off now that its closed to new applicants.
3/25/17 - No offers after calling many times before and after AF posted. ~$20k in legit biz spend. No MS, very little 5x spend. Downgraded to Ink Cash.
4/7/17 - $50 Statement credit offered. Didn't take it, closed the account. Had this card since 2014.
6/8/17 - $95 SC ($12k spend)
6/23/17 - $95 SC ($20k spent, 3 years old; no credit offered last year)
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Originally Posted by HeyCrutch View Post
Coming up on my second AF for the CSP. Not using the card much at all - the only real value I get from it is being able to transfer UR points to partners (I have Ink and Freedom cards that I use when appropriate).

I'm well over 5/24 right now, but have been on a new card halt for six months and will continue for another six months, as I'll be in the market for a mortgage next summer, at which point I'll finally be back under 5/24.

If I want to get the CSReserve down the road, should I close my Preferred now? I've read you can't have both anymore (or at least that's the official policy).

I don't mind accruing UR points that I can't use until I get the Reserve card down the road.

Just trying to figure out what the best strategy is - close the Preferred now if there's some kind of time requirement before I can open the Reserve, or keep it. FTR It's now been almost 2 years since I received the bonus.

I would downgrade to Freedom Unlimited.
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United Club card, $450 annual fee. Called, didn't threaten to cancel, just asked if there were any incentives or promotions to keep the card. They offered $100 credit, I accepted.
About $30000 so far this year spending, 25k of it was MS, 5k in actual spending on United.
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Originally Posted by Huzordaddy View Post
United Club card, $450 annual fee. Called, didn't threaten to cancel, just asked if there were any incentives or promotions to keep the card. They offered $100 credit, I accepted.
About $30000 so far this year spending, 25k of it was MS, 5k in actual spending on United.
You MS'd for UA miles? Can you even get > 1 mile per $ buying GCs? What was your cost and what award are you going for that makes it worth doing that?
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Originally Posted by bbriscoe34 View Post
You MS'd for UA miles? Can you even get > 1 mile per $ buying GCs? What was your cost and what award are you going for that makes it worth doing that?
I'd wager my money on the theory that he did it for the PQD.
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Chase Ink Plus $95 credit

I was going to close my 3 year old Ink Plus card, but I got offered a $95 credit. Didn't get any offer last year and paid annual fee. I have a small spend.
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Second anniversary of CSP. 12K spend first year and I paid annual fee upon first renewal. Minimal spend past year (~2K) because I got CSR.

No offer. Will cancel or downgrade card later so customer service rep doesn't get dinged.
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United MPE, low spend (mostly on car rentals to take advantage of primary CDW), no retention offer. Will wait another 2 weeks and downgrade to travel bank (which they suggested - I would have gone there anyway).
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Anyone hit their Ink Preferred anniversary yet? Any retention offers?
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3rd anniversary of CSP. I paid first annual fee, then last year got $60 credit.
No offers this time so I downgraded to a Freedom Unlimited.
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Chase Ink Plus, 35K annual spend. At first the CSR tried to get me to look at other cards that didn't have an annual fee but eventually offered a statement credit of $95 after I'd asked for it.
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Chase WN Plus. 2nd year, paid AF first year without calling retention. No retention (no spend). Closed card.
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Originally Posted by fairdincum View Post
Chase Ink Plus, 35K annual spend. At first the CSR tried to get me to look at other cards that didn't have an annual fee but eventually offered a statement credit of $95 after I'd asked for it.
I wonder if they will do this for Ink Preferred as well?
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Coming up on fourth annual fee for CSP, always $10k+ spend on it. Mentioned that I had received a $60 statement credit previously and they offered that again. Next year I'll probably try to upgrade to CSR, but don't have a need to this year.
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CSP - $95 Annual Fee just posted. $8K Spend. 2nd renewal, paid AF last year. Rep said no offers available on account. Need to keep card to transfer UR points as downgraded Ink to the Ink Cash.
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