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A positive example

Originally Posted by johnb102 View Post
Another week has gone by. Never received the promised phone call, but did get a response today asking for a copy of the credit card statement showing a credit I received that was noted on my final rental agreement. The credit was because I had paid for a one-way drop off fee up-front for about $200, but that was refunded since they did not have to transfer the car back to the original rental location since it was totaled. The credit has nothing to do with the charge for the loss of the car. I don't know why they care if I got this credit or did not get this credit, but it seems like another tactic to further delay their review. I submitted the requested paperwork on the same day they made the request, but no idea how long this will delay their review.
My case (for trip interuption) was handled quite promptly.

I did have to consistently update the file so it would flag a message to the handler. My case was paid in full within 3 week. But that being said, maybe car insurance claims are more challenging as the facts are not always clear. In my case, it was simple, my wife broke her elbow and could not fly.
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