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Worldflight 2016 at Flightdeck Experience for Macmillan Cancer Support


Some of you may have noticed that I am an aviation enthusiast and I am very enthusiastic/geeky about flying, and I know a few others on here enjoy what happens in the cockpit as well as just being sat in the back enjoying the champagne.

Over the last two years I have been going fairly regularly to a fixed base 737-800 simulator near Rochdale. The simulator is this one Flightdeck Experience. As well as the cockpit the guy who owns it has built a cabin as well with 12 seats. You can see photos on the website. You actually get a simulated view from the windows as well. It makes it good for group outings and you can sit in the cabin for the time you are not flying in the cockpit. We organised an outing to the simulator as part of the Leeds Do in April 2015.

I have also organised for three years running an FT trip to the BA 747 simulators at Heathrow with the details of the recent one here.

So starting at 2300 UTC on this Saturday 5 November myself and around a dozen other enthusiast sim pilots will be taking part in Worldflight. This is a virtual round the world flight starting in Sydney Australia and flying around the world to end back in Sydney one week later.

Some more information can be found at http://worldflight.com.au/ and https://facebook.com/WorldFlight

The route is:

Team Flex based here at Flightdeck Experience in Lancashire UK is taking part in a realtime virtual flight around the world along with teams from all across the globe all raising money for our chosen charities. We will be flying our fully functional fixed based 737-800 simulator for the 45 flights to circle the world. It will all be streamed in twitch and a link will be added below should you wish to watch. The event is organised with the full help of VATSIM so we should have virtual ATC through all the flights as well.

My own flights are going to be:

We are raising money for the charity Macmillan Cancer Support https://macmillan.org.uk/ a charity which exists to improve the lives of people affected by cancer, they are a fantastic charity and provide so much advice and support. If you can please donate something - it would be very much appreciated.

So come watch on twitch, support us, and donate if you want to as well.

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Some photos from last year:

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Videos from last week.

https://twitch.tv/andypandychef/v/99257080 or http://player.twitch.tv/?video=v99257080
YSSY (Sydney) to NZQN (Queenstown) - Malc & Andy K - 2hrs 16mins to 5hrs 49mins
NZQN (Queenstown) to NZAA (Auckland) - Stuart C & Stuart H/Andy C - 5hrs 49mins to 8hrs 37mins
NZAA (Auckland) to NSFA (Apia) - Andy C/Stuart C & Norman - 8hrs 50mins to 13hrs 41mins
NSFA (Apia) to PHKO (Kailua Kona) - Alexis & James - 13hrs 44mins to 21hrs 10mins
PHKO (Kailua Kona) to KSEA (Seattle) - Malc & Andy K - 21hrs 10mins to end (part 1)

https://twitch.tv/andypandychef/v/99550497 or http://player.twitch.tv/?video=v99550497
PHKO (Kailua Kona) to KSEA (Seattle) - Malc & Andy K - Start (part 2) to 5mins
KSEA (Seattle) to PAJN (Juneau) - Stuart H & Andy C - 11mins to 4hrs 52mins
PAJN (Juneau) to CYOD (Cold Lake) - Norman & Stuart C - 4hrs 53mins to 8hrs 17mins
CYOD (Cold Lake) to KDLH (Duluth) - James & Andy K - 8hrs 19mins to 11hrs mins
KDLH (Duluth) to CYYZ (Toronto Pearson) - Andy K & Malc - 11hrs 10mins to 13hrs 11mins
CYYZ (Toronto Pearson) to KLGA (NY La Guardia) - Andy K/Malc & James - 13hrs 22mins to 15hrs 33mins
KLGA (NY La Guardia) to KCHS (Charleston) - Andy C & Garry - 16hrs 36mins to 19hrs 16mins
KCHS (Charleston) to KSRQ (Sarasota) - Paul & Stuart C - 19hrs 32mins to 21hrs 26mins
KSRQ (Sarasota) to KMIA (Miami) - Alexis & Stuart C - 22hrs 00mins to 23hrs 22mins
KMIA (Miami) to MDSD (Santo Domingo) - Alexis & Norman - 23hrs 54mins to 26hrs 49mins
MDSD (Santo Domingo) to TBPB (Bridgetown) - Malc & Andy K - 27hrs 5mins to 29hrs 40mins
TBPB (Bridgetown) to SOCA (Soca-Cayenne) - James & Andy C - 29hrs 51mins to 32hrs 42mins

https://twitch.tv/andypandychef/v/99804703 or http://player.twitch.tv/?video=v99804703
SOCA (Soca-Cayenne) to SBNT (Natal) - Stuart C & James - Start to 3hrs 27 mins
SBNT (Natal) to GVAC (Palmeira) - Steve & Malc - 3hrs 52mins to 8hrs 26mins
GVAC (Palmeira) to GCTS (Tenerife South) - Simon & Stuart C - 8hrs 34mins to 11hrs 23mins
GCTS (Tenerife South) to EGKK (London Gatwick) - Norman & Gavin/Andy C - 11hrs 48mins to end (part 1)

https://twitch.tv/andypandychef/v/99934067 or http://player.twitch.tv/?video=v99934067

GCTS (Tenerife South) to EGKK (London Gatwick) - Norman & Gavin/Andy C - Start to 1hrs 21mins (part 2)
EGKK (London Gatwick) to EDDM (Munich) - Andy C & Andy K - 1hrs 29mins to 3hrs 29mins
EDDM (Munich) to LYTV (Tivat) - Malc & James - 3hrs 52mins to 6hrs 35mins
LYTV (Tivat) to LTBA (Istanbul) - James & Stuart H - 7hrs 45mins to end (part 1)

https://twitch.tv/andypandychef/v/99982396 or http://player.twitch.tv/?video=v99982396

LYTV (Tivat) to LTBA (Istanbul) - James & Stuart H - Start to 1hrs 14mins (part 2)
LTBA (Istanbul) to OIII (Tehran) - Norman & Stuart C - 2hrs 2mins to end (part 1)

https://twitch.tv/andypandychef/v/99995008 or http://player.twitch.tv/?video=v99995008
LTBA (Istanbul) to OIII (Tehran) - Norman/Andy K & Stuart C - Start to end (part 2)

https://twitch.tv/andypandychef/v/100001288 or http://player.twitch.tv/?video=v100001288
LTBA (Istanbul) to OIII (Tehran) - Norman/Andy K & Stuart C - Start to 3hrs 11mins (part 3)
OIII (Tehran) to OMDB (Dubai) - Andy K & James - 3hrs 30mins to 6hrs 37mins
OMDB (Dubai) to VABB (Mumbai) - Josh & Gavin - 6hrs 40mins to 10hrs 5mins
VABB (Mumbai) to VCBI (Colombo) - Josh & Steve - 10hrs 7mins to 12hrs 46mins
VCBI (Colombo) to VIDP (Delhi) - Stuart H & Alexis - 12hrs 47mins to 16hrs 36mins
VIDP (Delhi) to VNKT (Kathmandu) - Malc & Andy C - 17hrs 10mins to 19hrs 26mins
VNKT (Kathmandu) to VGHS (Dhaka) - Andy C & Malc - 19hrs 39mins to 21hrs 16mins
VGHS (Dhaka) to ZUUU (Chengdu) - Josh & Andy K - 21hrs 36mins to 24hrs 44mins
ZUUU (Chengdu) to ZBAA (Beijing) - Stuart C & Norman - 25hrs 26mins to 28hrs 30mins
ZBAA (Beijing) to RKSI (Seoul) - Gavin & Stuart H - 28hrs 51mins to 31hrs 18mins
RKSI (Seoul) to RJBB (Osaka) - Trevor & Paul - 31hrs 21mins to 33hrs 59mins
RJBB (Osaka) to RCTP (Taipei) - Josh & Alexis - 34hrs 0mins to 37hrs 49mins
RCTP (Taipei) to VHHH (Hong Kong) - Josh & Andy K - 37hrs 52mins to 41hrs 45mins
VHHH (Hong Kong) to VVTS (Ho Chi Minh City) - Norman & Andy C - 41hrs 46mins to 44hrs 53mins
VVTS (Ho Chi Minh City) to WSSS (Singapore) - Malc & Stuart C - 44hrs 54mins to 47hrs 31mins
WSSS (Singapore) to WBKK (Kota Kinabalu) - Alexis & Stuart C - 47hrs 32mins to end (part 1)

https://twitch.tv/andypandychef/v/100372578 or http://player.twitch.tv/?video=v100372578
WSSS (Singapore) to WBKK (Kota Kinabalu) - Alexis & Stuart C - Start to 3hrs 6mins (part 2)
WBKK (Kota Kinabalu) to WADD (Denpasar) - Malc & Andy K - 3hrs 11mins to 6hrs 1min
WADD (Denpasar) to YBAS (Alice Springs) - Andy K & Malc - 6hrs 3mins to 9hrs 30mins
YBAS (Alice Springs) to YMML (Melbourne) - Josh & Norman - 9hrs 32mins to 12hrs 24mins
YMML (Melbourne) to YMHB (Hobart) - Stuart C & Andy C - 12hrs 25mins to 14hrs 24mins
YMHB (Hobart) to YSCB (Canberra) - Alexis & Andy C - 14hrs 26mins to 16hrs 17mins
YSNW (Nowra) to YSSY (Sydney) - Andy K & Malc - 18hrs 29mins to end
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