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Taag - complete ban on lithium batteries in checked and carry on

I just bought a ticket on Taag.

When I checked in online the night before my flight, I had to complete a declaration confirming I was not carrying certain articles in my checked baggage or carry on. One of these articles listed was lithium batteries.

I had a non refundable ticket and Taag's website says one can take personal electronics in hand baggage until you get to the legal declaration at check in.

I grudgingly removed my laptop, tablet, mobile and other devices with lithium batteries from my bags.

The Taag flight was then very late so I had to sit around for hours at airport with no gadgets which made me increasingly irritated with Taag.

Before pushback, the Captain told everyone to turn off their mobiles. How come he was not aware of the ban?

​Perhaps it is a mistake with Taag's online check in system but I will not fly Taag again whilst they maintain this crazy policy.

Good things about the flight with Taag
- purchasing ticket was very easy and much improved compared to what Taag used to be like
- two Taag staff smiled at me and were helpful - one on the ground and one in the air - this has never before happened to me on Taag
- food was improved although I was ravenous due to the delay as LAD had such poor food so perhaps overly complimentary
- Inflight magazine, Austral, has improved

Bad things
- The no lithium battery policy
- The long delay with no explanation
- Most pax did not check in online. The queue atvcheck in was outrageous. For baggage drop it was fine though.
- The windows on aircraft were so dirty one could not see out.
- Taag does not accept Angolan currency for onboard duty free purchases - how outrageous is that?

But the no lithium batteries thing upset me so much!

Even​​n if they paid me to fly them I would still choose to pay to fly another carrier!

Do any other airlines have a blanket ban on lithium batteries?

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I'm a little confused by this post as it sounds like you took at least your phone with you on the flight. What is happening to passengers' Laptops, Phones, Tablets, etc with lithium batteries in them?
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I did not take phone.

But others had laptops, phones, tablets, cameras etc etc.

I think less than 10% of passengers on my flight checked in online. I am not sure whether passengers who checked in in person were asked.

I would not be surprised if it is a mistake in online check in system as Taag website says you can carry laptops, phones etc.

But then at OLCI you have to tick a box confirming you have no lithium batteries at all in either checked or carry on baggage.
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Unfortunately I will be flying Taag again next week as it is only airline offering a direct service to where I need to go. I will try to take a screenshot of this lunacy.
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The prohibition on lithium batteries for the most part applies to loose lithium batteries transported in certain configurations and quantities, and not to lithium batteries installed properly in consumer electronics. There are specific exceptions for these depending on the battery specifications.

You can get more information on this at this link from IATA. The IATA DGRs are based upon ICAO document 9284 which is binding upon airlines registered in member states (that includes Angola) which have not filed a state or operator exception.

DISCLAIMER : I hold a current IATA Dangerous Goods license (Category 8) but the above advice must be treated as general guidance only and not as specific instructions for any shipment unless the full details of shipment have been provided and verified.
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As B747-437B said, the prohibition is only to loose lithium batteries. Batteries that are installed in electronics are perfectly fine.

P.S. LAD airport is a complete dump.
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