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25 days of Spanish Airport Workers Strikes.


Old Aug 17, 17, 3:44 am
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25 days of Spanish Airport Workers Strikes.

I guess there's time yet for a positive resolution. Here's hoping...


Details below:

AIR passengers in Spain could be hit by devasting delays after the CC.OO., UGT and USE unions announced a round of strikes, starting from 15 September, across all airports operated by Aena.

In Spain Aena manages 46 airports and two heliports and saw 230.2 million passengers pass through its airports in 2016. It made a net profit of Ä1,164 million in the same year.

The 25 days of 24-hour work stoppages announced by the unions would run from September 15 to December 30.

The full list of planned strikes is as follows:
  • September: 15, 17, 22, 24 and 29
  • October; 1, 6, 11, 15, 27, 30 and 31
  • November: 3 and 5
  • December: 1, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 26, 27, 28, 29 and 30
Workers' representatives in the Aena group have threatened strikes since May if their repeated demands on salary and their calls for an employment plan were not answered before mid-August.

If the strikes go ahead they will massively affect Spainís busy national bank holidays in October, November and December including the Christmas period.
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Old Aug 17, 17, 3:49 am

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Spanish company makes big profits whilst rank and file employees embark on extended programme of strikes in order to get the salary and employee recognition they feel they deserve.

Who'd have thought it.
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Old Aug 17, 17, 4:05 am

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I thought they had already striked over the past weeks? Friends of mine ended up in security chaos at BCN last weekend.
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Old Aug 17, 17, 5:01 am

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Hmm irritating.. I shall be flying to Madrid on 24th September. I foresee baggage delays
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Old Aug 17, 17, 5:07 am

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Originally Posted by nike85 View Post
Hmm irritating.. I shall be flying to Madrid on 24th September. I foresee baggage delays
HBO !!! Madrid is always dreadfully slow at getting luggage to belt any day
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Old Aug 17, 17, 5:32 am

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Partly because it's a stupidly big airport for the amount of traffic.

I try extremely hard to only use carry on nowadays.

Good info - thanks. That's a pretty prohibitive list of strike days. Hmmm. I think I have probably at least one probably two trips required during that time. Grrr.
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Old Aug 17, 17, 5:38 am
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I suppose that it is instinctive but the first thing that always happens is a rush to see if it will affect Little Me (and I did the same until I thought afterwards) - so I am not in a position to throw stones.

I notice that this will impact on the end of the October Half-Term, and as said Christmas and the New Year. The worst effects will surely be in the Canaries and the Balaerics as there is really no easy way to get in or out. I suspect that the Spanish Government will have to be dragged in, but two things that I have noted in Spain are

1) A level of tolerance of this sort of inconvenience that I would be surprised to see in the UK - France is more "solidaire" as there it is a bit " it's you today, me tomorrow).

2) I'd call it Arrogance, but there is a subservience and acquiescence to Management that has long since been healthily eroded elsewhere. Le "Jefe" is remote and usually speaks through underlings. Very Aena and also very Iberia.

Aena has been really hard-nosed at Barcelona and that has gone nowhere.
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Old Aug 17, 17, 7:12 am

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Is there any more specific information than "airport workers"? Presumably this embraces baggage handling but also things like refueling, turnaround etc?
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Old Aug 17, 17, 8:36 am

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Whew. Out of MAD on Sept 14 back on Sept 25. Just missed it.
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Old Aug 17, 17, 9:25 am

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Doesn't the chaos overflow into the next day?

As it is now I am missing these days on my inbound and outbound from MAD and my flts are before,
not after, so I hope they don't change the dates.
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Old Aug 17, 17, 2:54 pm

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Will the terror attack in Barcelona today have any effect on these planned strikes?
At least there may be less people traveling through the Spanish airports as some people will cancel their trips after todays's terrible attack.
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Old Aug 17, 17, 3:45 pm

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The strikes are not spreading to other airports and Eulen has suspended their strike for now due to the attacks.

They will probably be back at it in a few days.
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Old Aug 20, 17, 7:28 am

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Supposed to be flying to Malaga on one of these strike days, is that airport affected, couldn't see a list of airports anywhere? Is the airport likely to be closed then or will it just be delayed?
Are people changing their travel plans yet or are you hopeful it will be called off?
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Old Sep 6, 17, 6:24 am

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Are there any updates to this, are the strikes still gong ahead? Do I need to change my bookings?
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Old Sep 8, 17, 11:25 am

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Hi Paula. Yesterday the unions agreed to hold off on the strikes for now. They will meet AENA representatives again next week in order to try to reach agreement. If they don't, they'll probably strike, but only from October. I'm also supposed to be flying MAD-GRX on the 30th October, but holding off on booking until I hear more next week. If you were planning on travelling in September, it should be fine
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