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Cpi-Web Forums Thread Wiki: Consolidated "Visiting/traveling to Yellowstone Park - question/suggestions" thread
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Quick/Mini-trip report on my YNP/GTNP trip this past week:
(a) General for YNP hotels: no AC, most had fans, older ones had creaky floors (better to be on top floor) and very limited outlets. Consider eyemask if you may want to sleep with windows open to cool down room. All Xanterra managed.
(b) Lake Yellowstone Hotel/Sandpiper: Typical for its age. Definitely creaky floors and limited outlets (I had to unplug a lamp and use its outlet). My room was noticeably smaller than the picture shows for a standard Sandpiper room, but no other real surprises.
(c) Old Faithful Snow Lodge: Fairly new hotel in OF area. Room was comfortable, relatively spacious.
(d) Grant Village Lodge (Fox Lodge): Below average. Felt like a well used motel room or maybe a large dorm room (though it was clean). Bathroom was tight, and I suspect doorway was smaller than standard 30".
(e) Togwotee Lodge (not YNP, about 15 miles east of GTNP): Good lodge room, comfortable. Somewhat of a creaky floor. Highway down to GTNP was usually pretty empty. No AC in my room (some have it). Managed by Aramark.

(a) Most of the food at Xanterra properties was pretty average. The dinner buffet at Old Faithful Inn was below average. The dinner I had at Old Faithful Snow Lodge was very good, but the breakfast buffet was weak. Also in the average category: Grant Village Dining Room and Lake Lodge Cafeteria.
(b) Dinner at Togwotee was good. Breakfast buffet was average (not able to order off the menu since only offering buffet).
(c) Breakfast buffet at Jackson Lake Lodge Mural Room was good but a little pricey.

Feel free to PM if you have specific questions on above or on day hikes, etc.

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Yellowstone -- what's the best time?

2018, I'm the only one in the group that could do anything but the easiest of hikes. Any other advice is also appreciated.
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Originally Posted by Loren Pechtel View Post
2018, I'm the only one in the group that could do anything but the easiest of hikes. Any other advice is also appreciated.

"anything but the easiest of hikes" doesn't make sense.....

In most of the park, the park trails are relatively flat with many actually are boardwalks you walk on. In the parts of the park on the west side from old faithful to Norris to mammoth you cant assume the ground is safe to walk on because you don't know if this is a pie crust you are walking on. You should always stay on the trails.

The park is a large park. You need 3 days at least to visit it all. think of it in 3 parts

1. old faithful and geyser basin
2. north loop/Lamar Valley
3. Hayden/Lake Yellowstone

Only Canyon Lodge is the most central to use that as a center for your visit. With others you want to look at splitting between north and south stays( Mammoth, Roosevelt, Mammoth, Gardiner, cooke city vs west Yellowstone, old faithful, lake, Grant) or east and west ( Lake, Grant, Roosevelt, Canyon vs Mammoth, west Yellowstone, gardiner, old faithful)

for visiting the park the window of time is May-Sept

May ---there is still snow, roads gradually get cleared with the last roads usually opening memorial day weekend if not a heavy spring snow. Lodges tend to open Memorial day weekend.

June--you can still get snow (usually overnight) and it can still be cold. this time the roads are open and the park is starting to get crowded.

July--busy season

August--You don't see much of a drop off, but there is a drop pff in families with kids because schools starting back mid Augusts on. This time of year you have wildfire risk either in the park or in terms of air quality.

September--after Labor Day the lodges start to close starting with Roosevelt and the rest closing by the last weekend of September. In September you start to get back to real snow risk as the month goes on. After laboir day is road work season, so usually this means some part of the rough figure 8 in the park is blocked entirely or limited to just one lane. They work till snow comes. Any work to still do carries over into May/June.
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Odds of Beartooth Highway being open on the 26th of May, 2018 - two days before Memorial Day? I note it was open on the 20th of May, 2017.
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