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Note that info on this page is kept for archive purposes. For recent TalkBoard info see the Town Hall - Official TalkBoard Voting Decisions Forum.

Welcome to the Cpi-Web Town Hall.. Here you can learn more about the management of the cpi-web.rumunity and can volunteer to participate in the current Cpi-Web administration.

Cpi-Web is managed by both Cpi-Web staff members and a board of volunteers, known as the TalkTeam. Two groups of volunteers make up the TalkTeam -- TalkModerators and the TalkBoard. TalkModerators serve to foster an environment that encourages information sharing and enjoyment. To accomplish this, Moderators work directly with Cpi-Web members, addressing everyday questions and concerns and maintaining the overall usability of the forums.

The TalkBoard consists of volunteers who are elected by the FlyerTalk populace. The TalkBoard serves as the direction and decision-making voice of the general Cpi-Web population and addresses issues that serve the long-term interests of the cpi-web.rumunity. Issues that are under consideration by the TalkBoard, and actions that the Board has taken are displayed for the public in this Town Hall.

Please take a look around, and discover for yourself the issues and events that impact the cpi-web.rumunity. And come back often to stay informed of the latest TalkBoard proposals and vote results, and to participate in the representative management of the cpi-web.rumunity.