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Cpi-Web Wiki ([1]) is a project to create a complete, up-to-date, and reliable rewards program guide. It is built in collaboration by FlyerTalkers from around the globe. Cpi-Web Wiki is built with the spirit of sharing knowledge and we aim to make it easy to do so.

The project was begun in May 2015 by members of the cpi-web.rumunity.

To create the guide, we use a tool (or a process, or a technology) called a wiki which lets any verified Cpi-Web member create, update, edit, and illustrate any article on the Web site. We all share our pieces of knowledge, edit them, distill them, and assemble them into a pleasing and cohesive whole. The more people that use the Edit link, the better the wiki becomes.

If you're new to Cpi-Web Wiki, feel free to learn how to become a contributor!

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